Bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents


New York City is making efforts to make riding a bicycle a more user friendly experience, however, these efforts are only at their very beginning. Unfortunately serious bicycle accidents in New York City are more common than they should be.

Our firm is committed to representing, protecting and advancing the interests of cyclists that have sustained injury through the negligence of another.

The most common form of bicycle accident in New York City is motor vehicle related. Motor vehicle related bicycle accidents arise from contact with a moving vehicle or car doors being suddenly opened into the path of travel.In a motor vehicle related accident, the cyclist has two potential claims, the first is a No-Fault claim, and the second is a liability bodily injury claim.

The No-Fault claim is a statutory required portion of coverage that motor vehicles in New York State must provide. No-fault coverage covers necessary medical treatment arising from the accident and a portion of lost earnings.

The bodily injury claim is conditioned upon proving fault, i.e. either a statutory violation that was a substantial factor in the cause of the accident or what is known as common law negligence, which is the failure to exercise reasonable care in the operation of the motor vehicle.

In a motor vehicle related bicycle accident, the cyclist must also prove a serious injury as defined by the No-Fault law. This is commonly known as the “threshold” requirement.

There are also bicycle accidents that arise from involvement of uninsured motor vehicles or hit and run accidents, where there is physical contact with the vehicle and the vehicle flees the scene of the accident and remains unidentified.

Another category of bicycle accident in New York City arises from defective and dangerous conditions in the roadway. The City of New York is generally responsible for the maintenance of the roadways. In order to have a valid claim against the City of New York for a defective roadway bicycle accident, the cyclist must prove that there was an unreasonably dangerous condition that was a cause of the accident, and that the City, by its agents actually created the condition or had what is known as prior written notice of the condition (at least 15 days prior to the occurrence). Other defective roadway type of accidents arise from the negligence of entities other than the City of New York in the maintenance of “special uses” of the roadway, such as manhole covers, gratings or other structural uses of the roadway. In this type of case, there is an affirmative obligation to maintain the area immediately surrounding the “special use.” Other common type of bicycle roadway accidents are caused by the negligent placement of construction plates, either significant gaps, or the failure to properly ramp the edges, both of which can cause serious bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer NYC

The NYC Lawyer JOEL J. TURNEY, LLC., is represented by the website and has successfully represented the interests of numerous bicycle accident victims in NYC.

The NYC Bicycle Accident Lawyer JOEL J. TURNEY, LLC has been the lawyer representing injured persons due to bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles, defective NYC roads, accidents in involving cars, buses and trucks in NYC.

NYC has made great efforts to promote and attempt to protect persons riding bicycles. However, despite the bicycle lanes and greater enforcement, the risk of a bicycle accident in NYC is still significant. If you have been injured in a NYC bicycle accident and require the advise of a qualified lawyer in this field, contact the NYC bicycle accident lawyer, JOEL J. TURNEY, LLC.

When involved in a NYC bicycle accident with a motor vehicle you will need a lawyer fully familiar with the No-Fault application process, how to make sure that the medical bills are paid and covered for the NYC bicycle accident victim. There are short windows of time for the injured NYC bicycle accident victim to file for No-Fault benefits. The website of is a significant resource for the injured NYC bicycle accident victim. There substantive discussions of NYC bicycle – motor vehicle related accidents and NYC bicycle – defective roadway related accident.

Our firm is committed to delivering the best possible result to an injured NYC bicycle rider.

If you have been injured as in an NYC bicycle accident and need a lawyer that will get the best possible results, please contact our office for a free, no obligation consolation.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer NYC

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